17 April 2011

He Walks With Me

I come to the garden alone 
While the dew is still on roses 
And the voice I hear falling 
On my ear the son of God discloses 

And He walks with me and He talks with me 
And He tells me I am His own 
And the joy we share as we tarry there 
None other has ever known 

He speaks and the sound of His voice 
Is so sweet the birds hush their singing 
And the melody that He gave to me 
Within my heart is ringing 

And He walks with me and He talks with me 
And He tells me I am His own 
And the joy we share as we tarry there 
None other has ever known


13 October 2010

3rd Coming

i read the old testament and i see the Third Coming.

i read the new testament and i see the Third Coming.

i listen to Bro. Branham and i see the Third Coming.

i look at nature and i see the Third Coming.

i look in the mirror and i see the Third Coming.

it's all about the Third Coming.

it's all about Jesus.

it's all about Me.


12 October 2010

one mind

if all has the Mind of Christ, why is there a whole bunch of doctrinal differences in the message clergy?


woke up with a song

they are new every morning, new every morning. great is Thy Faithfulness, oh Lord, great is Thy faithfulness.


11 October 2010


you cannot get the rapture tomorrow if you let the devil take it away from you today.


10 October 2010

come and dine

it has been a stressful day at work. event here, audit there. deadline here, conflicts there. plus one of the general managers phoned me to pick a fight over something that was beyond me. i guess my human spirit was just too tired to shout back. or maybe, i was just pretty much convinced that his tantrums are just a whiff of passing insignificance. well, in the end, either he noticed that he couldn't shake me, or my calm answer to his silly question embarrassed him. 

too exhausted, i decided to meet my favorite animal. steak! 

but then again, i'm two fold. so i turned on my computer and started listening to bro. don's 'he that overcometh.'

double feast!


devil and human spirit (by bro don parnell)


the devil won’t shut up

I guess I have been too honest to a fault. I am reserved by nature, but I try to be an open book to my friends. I had hoped that I will be understood. I had hoped that I will be accepted. I never learn.

I am still a two-fold being. I am still in the flesh. I still get hurt.

I have placed the devil inside the washing machine and left it there. When it tries to talk I press the machine on and there it goes tumbling around, drowned in the noise of the water in motion.

Last night it screamed so loud and called me names it made me cry.

Perhaps I deserve it all. I suffer the consequences of my actions.


born again

being born again means being born again. born again. re-birthed. it's as simple - and complicated - as that.

it's not like, after being addicted to something, you are placed in a rehab, and come out free of your addiction. you may not be addicted anymore, but it doesn't erase the fact that you have, once in your life, been an addict. you carry that scar.

a new creation though doesn't have history of faults, for a new creation doesn't even have a past. it's brand new. all things have passed away.

i am not in denial if i tell you that i am not that person who did something i have been accused of doing. i do not care how strong your evidence is, i'm a new person, and that just wasn't me.


07 September 2010

my testimony

my dad accepted the message and was baptized when i was 6 years old. he was then a denominational preacher and was called out only through reading the spoken words. he faced a lot of struggles - but that would be his testimony to tell. :) 

i grew up with my dad being the pastor of the local church. like all the other children of ministers, i have been such a headache. i hated being so different from my friends and schoolmates. my hair was too long i was sure i looked too old. and the skirt! i had to wear a skirt during the school's intramurals! our radio would only be switched on when my dad needed to listen to the news. i could only watch television when we were visiting our grandparents. and every time i'd try to wear lipstick my dad would preach about jezebel. i have always been scared of dogs so imagine how frustrating it was for me. 

all my friends were catholics except for me and oh, how i pitied myself! the only times i was proud to say that i was not a catholic was during the mass sessions in school. i had a reason to be late. :)

it was when i turned 18 when i finally found the courage to openly disobey. for the first time, i was able to wear jeans. i was able to cut my hair. i was able to do anything and everything i wanted. i felt free.

finally i could talk to my friends - and they could talk to me - just like i am one of them. it was only then when i realized that they actually admired my long beautiful hair. they actually thought that i could wear a skirt in a very smart way. strangely, nobody even thought that i looked old. 

a couple more years, i was already part of the world. i was exactly like them, or so i thought. those that get close to me still found me weird.

the overused "been there, done that" statement applied to me. i got in a lot of mess. wrecked a few homes. embarrassed myself in every disgusting way. worse, i was proud of myself i even felt guilty for not feeling guilty.

it lasted for almost a decade.  

in january last year, in another country, resting home after work, when i received a message from my dad. it said: "do you know that the flesh of adam is the beast?"

of course i didn't understand it. i've heard the doctrine of the serpent's seed when i was a child, and in no way did my dad's message made sense.

but somehow, that message stirred something in me. i had a very strong urge to go back to God. 

i was working in a non-christian country. i was a hundred percent sure there was no end time message church there. but just the same, the following day, i searched the whole yellow pages. i searched the internet. i spoke to every filipino i know and asked about their religions. nothing. i started from the time i reached the office until the late afternoon and still i didn't find anything. i already knew i wouldn't find anything, but i was still frustrated. i tried again. this time, i searched on the word "eagle." i found a website. it was based there! 

i called my dad. he cried.

i sent emails, i met one of the administrators, and the following day, after 10 long miserable years, i was, with my brother, attending a church service, fellowshipping with the brethren.

it felt so glorious. i couldn't believe the warmth i felt inside. 

my dad started sending me messages about the two fold being, about the rapture, about who i am. i was so confused!

i started chatting with sis sweet. i knew her already when i was in college, but we wouldn't even exchange hello's. she thought i was too worldly - i thought she looked too old! anyway she, too, was sharing to me messages about the two fold being, about the rapture, and about who i am.

i asked the elders of the local church in qatar. they gave me the sincere answers expected from end time message believers.

i started researching. asking. listening. after all, i am an elect. i cannot be deceived. nothing made sense to me, but there was a nagging question in my head.

i was already in the world. i was already lost. i was a backslider, along with my whole family, including my dad. for 10 years we were already cold, frozen even. why would the devil bother to bring us a wrong teaching? why would the devil even bother about us? there must be something there.

no, sir, it wasn't the devil. it was my theopany.

i had the experiences i need. i was ready to wake up. 

and i did. now i remember.


07 November 2009

quote for today :)

The Way Back
God's always got a people somewhere that He can point to and say, "That's it." Oh, I want to be among that number. I'm sure we all want to be there. It's the desire of every heart. We want to be among that number that God can say, "This is My people. Look at them. They're an example of what I am. They are reflecting My Life in theirs. They have surrendered their life, and I'm reflecting Mine Life through theirs." What a beautiful thing. What a--how it must make God feel good to know that He's got somebody He can put trust in.
(William Branham)


17 July 2009


on my way home, i thought about posting again. today, something is telling me i did wrong.

when i opened my email it was a surprise to find a comment from a believer, who somehow stumbled upon my blog. he said 'develop further, keep the faith.'

i was supposed to be at the church this morning. i didn't make it.

every friday morning it feels difficult to wake up. no matter how early i sleep on thursday nights, waking up on friday mornings mean i have to drag myself off my bed. and all the time, i remind myself not to forsake the assembly of the church, not to forsake, not to forsake..

today, i didn't make it. today, i failed. 

Lord, help me overcome.


02 July 2009

who is like the Lord.mpg

who is like the Lord.mpg

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there's my precious sister sweet. :)


04 June 2009


for no reason whatsoever, i found myself reading my old blogs. those two years.. i have deleted a thousand entries, and yet, for every post that remained, the missing lines are still visible to my eyes..

i still remember the tears, though i do not cry anymore. i still remember the pain, though i do not hurt anymore.

i never thought i'd reach this point where i will no longer feel any hatred. perhaps, i've matured. perhaps, i've gotten over. perhaps, i'm ready to move on.

life changes so quickly. if you cannot go with the flow, you'll find yourself lost far behind. finally, i'm not simply standing tall anymore.

i have overcome.


21 May 2009

it has been a while..

it has been a while since I’ve last written a post about my thoughts.. I got tired of being misunderstood..

it has been a while since I’ve shared a problem with a friend.. I realized that comfort can be found in prayers..

it has been a while since I’ve last listened to a one particular song over and over and over and over again.. I haven’t found another song that touched me way deep inside.. til now..

it has been a while since I’ve admired a handsome face.. physical beauty for me has become too superficial..

it has been a while since I’ve had a drop of alcohol.. I realized that fun isn’t really fun if you aren’t sober..

it has been a while since I’ve felt at home in my own house.. I do not belong here.


philippine time

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